Short Version

Today the EU is in a systemic crisis, with far-reaching consequences for the European project and Europe’s role in the world. The time has come for a critical revision of the political economy of European integration.

The Dilthey Fellowship Research Project headed by PD Dr. Wolfgang M. Schröder takes this topic as a challenge for political philosophy. Based on interdisciplinary research and cooperation, the project has three main targets:

  • to analyse politico-economic advantagesanddisadvantages of the present distribution of competences for social policy in the EU more-level system;
  • to explore in this respect new options for the further development of the “open method of coordination” (OMC) in European policy making;
  • to sketch constitutional principles and scenarios for a sustainable “Social Europe” in the global age.

Located at the Philosophy Department of the University of Tübingen, the research project is funded by the Pro Geisteswissenschaften Initiative (jointly supported by the Fritz Thyssen Foundation  and the Volkswagen Foundation  with a total of 400,000 Euros.

Ein Dilthey-Fellowship Projekt an der Universität Tübingen